Frightful Death Of The Lion Queen

Illustrated London News 1850 By Heather Tweed The tenant of this little grave, our hope, and joy, and pride, was snatched away from our embrace in early youth she died. (Epitaph on Ellen Blight’s Gravestone, Coventry) Victorian audiences relished the spectacle of circus and sideshow but the thrill of watching a Lion Tamer could soon... Continue Reading →

How To Dance On The Grave Of A Clown

Joseph Grimaldi 1778-1837 On a deliciously crisp December morning step through the gate of Joseph Grimaldi park on Pentonville Road. A little way ahead you will see a grave surrounded by ornate black railings, decorated with traditional Sock and Buskin theatrical masks and sometimes swathed in party streamers or 'jewels'. Ignore this for a moment and... Continue Reading →

Christmas Dolls

A visit to the Museum Of Childhood in Edinburgh is always a treat. Toys, games and playthings spanning centuries and continents jostle for attention in its timeless galleries.Here are a selection of it’s most fascinating dolls and keepsakes from across the world. Some are perhaps spontaneously improvised, and others made by-make-do-and-mend parents unable to afford... Continue Reading →

George Sargent: The Forgotten Golfing Innovator

George Sargent: The Forgotten Golfing Innovator‘The first recollections I have are of playing up and down the road, with a stick, with a knob or crook at the end, and trying to drive along a round pebble, in imitation of the golfers. It must certainly have needed some accuracy.’George Sargent, Article in The American Golfer 1909Idly flipping... Continue Reading →

Can you identify this 1920’s family?

Can you identify the family or locations in these 1920’s stereoscope photographs?During our customary month long stay at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last August I decided to take an online course on the development 19th century stereoscopes. It was a fascinating and informative course enhanced by being delivered by the University Of Edinburgh. I could pop... Continue Reading →

Pens And Post Boxes Images Of Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

If you are not a magpie attracted to shiny things, or into expensive bling, you may think that Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter is not for you? Stroll around the historic industrial architecture and pay a visit to the fascinating pen museum and you may discover a few images © Heather Tweed 2017

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