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I have just completed two new videos, 'Dark Matter : Pragmatic Fables of Incunabulum. The First' and Gegenstand (The Magpie Mummy)They can both be found on my new page at: vimeo.com/heathertweed as well as the youtube versions http://www.youtube.com/user/heathertweed 01/06/2011Another Lost Not Found Abscission Artwork reportedThe New Year has started in a very interesting manner as a piece of Artwork has... Continue Reading →

Why Do Cats Sit On Paper?

Why Do Cats Like To Sit On Paper?Cats are extremely tactile creatures and have scent glands between their front paws, around cheeks, tail and other areas. This means they can exchange scents with other cats and humans and also mark their territory. Feral and wild cats 'nest' together and pregnant Queens do the same but... Continue Reading →


Delighted to announce that the first piece of Artwork for Lost Not Found:Abscission has been reported as found by Lucrezia Walker at The Dean Gallery on the Paolozzi designed tiles in the Ladies. The Artwork is Red Corner by Sarah Tulloch (collage, real gold leaf) Heather Tweed Artist websiteEdinburgh Art Festival 2010


Some images from the Crocodilopolis exhibition at TK@The Forest Gallery, Edinburgh including the full page Big Pic in The List.Four out of the Seven hidden sculptures were discovered and reported with one travelling to London and one to Glasgow (re-found, reported and moved to another site in Glasgow). Given past experience more could still be... Continue Reading →

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