Cryptozoology: A Curates Egg of Impossible Taxidermy

Cryptozoology: A Curates Egg of Impossible TaxidermybyHeather Tweed Thylacine or Tasmanian Wolf<!--[if gte vml 1]> Thylacine, or Tasmanian Wolf,  <![endif]--> I began writing a post on taxidermy back in 2011 after creating my own version of a Mermaid Monkey for an exhibition, then saw the haunting Thylacine  video in The South Australian Museum. I rediscovered my notes... Continue Reading →

The Case Of The Ghost Sculptor

Belt v. Lawes The Sculptors’ Libel Case Heather Tweed 2016 From Michaelangelo to Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst, artists’ assistants have been an accepted part of the art studio system for hundreds of years. Many carrying out manual or repetitive tasks, and some, controversially, rather more. Questioning the authorship of an artwork had rarely been so... Continue Reading →

A Hidden Gem, The Gladstone Memorial Library

A Hidden Gem The Gladstone Memorial Library Step off the bustling, cacophonous Princess Street in Edinburgh into a department store, what do you expect to see? Clothing yes, cheap boxed watches yes, magpie jewellery yes, the ritualistic dodging of the perfume assassins yes, but culture, a little part of history? Debenhams has a little hidden... Continue Reading →

Infinite Monkey

  A remarkable tale part the first, associative evidence of which may be discovered upon purchasing, as if by lottery, one of the creators Artworks available this very weekend at the Hamburg Art Vending Machine...  Infinite Monkey Information given herein is related in good faith, drawn from the original Ships Log and the personal diary of... Continue Reading →

Gegenstand (the Mumified Magpie)

This video and Lost Not Found:Abscission artwork was created after discovering the mummified remains of a magpie that had probably been discarded after work on a Victorian roof. Gegenstand (The Magpie Mummy) from Heather Tweed on Vimeo. 

Politely asking for something else

A couple of weeks ago we booked into a hotel in Camden. The obsequious booking clerk kept everyone waiting whilst he stared at a screen, with the waved point of a finger, 'Just two minutes' was his cry to each and everyone. He kept two people simply waiting for their room key for the length... Continue Reading →

Platos Cave

Interactive art exhibition projects can have a life of their own beyond the control of the Artist or Gallerist. No matter how much you plan, describe and explain in words and images what you might be expecting a big element of chance is always present.At a previous exhibition I had designed an interactive Dream and... Continue Reading →

Musings on the Popup

Bristol has always been a City overflowing with Artists and Creatives of various types which makes it all the more surprising that there are few spaces for exhibiting non traditional artwork. Excluding the Arnolfini and Spike Island which tend to curate major international exhibitions years in advance, Centrespace is really the only other permanent space... Continue Reading →

A timely message from 1902?

Never mind the current vogue for the 'Keep Calm and Carry on!' slogan, Clevedon in 1902 was made of sterner stuff!Should we have some t shirts made? Appropriate for Corn Street in Bristol on a Saturday night?

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